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Our centre star rating is based on customer satisfaction scores from real customers. It is based on information collated by BMW UK over the past 90 days of new car sales and aftersales service transactions, where the customers have subsequently elected to complete a satisfaction survey online or by phone. You will also see below customer comments, which are unedited.

  • New Car Sales

    • 36 ratings
  • Service

    • 97 ratings

Everything was good.

Thank you, we look forward to assisting you again in the future.

I thought it was all done very well; my car is a company car there was a fandango as it had to authorised by the leasing company.

Sorry about the 'fandango', sometimes it is frustrating waiting for leasing companies to authorise work as it just holds you the customer up from getting on with your day. This is something that we have communicated to BMW UK to see if we can get speeded up.

They have been brilliant. They could not have been more helpful.

Amazing feedback, thank you very much indeed. We hope you are really enjoying your new car.

Dan the salesperson was extremely helpful and pleasant.

Great feedback - thank you. Danny is an asset to the team I will ensure your comments are passed onto him.

This was a surprise purchase and remained a surprise until in the show room when the personal plates were put on the car. Wonderful

I am delighted to hear that everything went smoothly with you excellent plans. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

they are very friendly. it was very smooth.

Thank you for your feedback and 5-Star rating, we have great team here and I am glad they sorted everything to your satisfaction.

Excellent service. It was good.

Lovely feedback, thank you very much indeed.

there are extremely efficient and trustworthy.

Thank you for your kind comments. We are now using video systems such as CitNow to send footage through to customers showing them what is required on their vehicles, this provides customers with peace of mind and confidence about the work being carried out.

I was kept up to date throughout the process.

Thank you for your feedback, I hope you are enjoying your new car. If you have any questions regarding it, please do let us know.

They were very helpful and explained everything clearly.

I am glad to hear everything was good for you. Between our Sales team and our Product Genius we should have all the answers for you.

Only a change to summer tyres but excellent service, tyres collected from home, fitted next day and winter wheels and tyres delivered, clean the following day.

I am glad everything went smoothly for you. Thankfully the weather has improved finally to get you back onto your summer tyres.

When I came to collect the car it was not ready and I had to come back the third day to the centre to pick up the car.


The service was very good.

Thank you very much for your customer and feedback, we really do appreciate it.

Danny Welch was an excellent Sales Executive and was very attentive to our questions and answered all our emails and enquiries very promplty and efficiently.


i was completely happy

Perfect, we are aiming for this response everytime with every customer. Thank you very much indeed for your feedback.

they were great.

Excellent feedback, thank you! If we can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Completely satisfied - an issue was picked up during the 'end of warranty' check and a timely return was booked convenient to me and the repairs were made to plan and to my full satisfaction.

I am glad to hear everything is now rectified with your vehicle. The end of warranty checks are proving to be a welcome check providing comfort that everything that should require fixing under the terms of the warranty are done before it expires.

they are absolutely fabulous.

Thank you very much indeed, amazing feedback.

Excellent service.

Thank you for your great feedback and 5-Star rating, we realy do appreciate your custom. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

it took nearly two hours even though it was only suppoesed to take forty five minutes.

Thank you for your feedback. Having looked at the job I can see that you were booked in for a waiting job at 11:30 and as a result we did not have a technician available when you arrived at 11:00. The clockings show us that the technician had completed the job in 42 minutes as promised, unfortunatley the the free complimentary wash would of been additional to this time. Apologies but I think this was a communication issue and the wait felt longer due to you your unforeseen early arrival.

The vehicle has to go back because of problems with cold starting.

I can confirm that your car is now booked back in next week to rectify your cold start problem. I am sure we will get this resolved and get your car back running as it should. Apologies that we were not able to do this whilst your vehicle was serviced and MOT'd last week but sometimes this diagnosis can take time and it is difficult to guage how long this will take - the last thing we want to do is keep you hanging around longer than required.

They are excellent.

Thank you very much indeed for your feedback, if we can be of any further assistance, please do let us know.

Only critism is I had to ask for a lift home, it was not offered.

Apologies if this was not questioned at the time of your visit. We try to ensure that every customer is happy either waiting, has a loan car or requires help with onward mobility, sorry if this caused you any problems on the day.

Sean was really good, he kept me in the loop.

Thank you for your positive feedback, I will pass this on to Sean.

Normally I am extremely satisfied with Ocean Torbay and have been a customer for many years. However on this occasion the car was to have a routine service, MOT and repair of an oil leak from the oil filter housing. See below.

I am sorry to hear your recent visit was not to the usual standard. Having investigated it further it appears that the part is still on back order with BMW AG and having chased this we are being told that it will be here at the end of March. I will arrange for one of the team to contact you today to arrange for a convenient time for this to be fitted.

I always use Ocean; they always give the same perfect service.

Thank you very much for your fantastic feedback and 5-Star rating, it is great to here when we get it absolutely right. We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit.

Car has different colour emitting headlamps. A bulb had been fitted a significant cost at last visit. Disappointed to be charged £75 to investigate at this visit. Why not check it when fitted?

I am sorry to hear that you have had problems with different coloured headlights. having investigated this it appears that since the vehicle was launched BMW AG has changed its supplier and as a result the colour tone is very slightly different. The natural thing to do would be to obviously replace both bulbs but due them being xenon headlight the costs may well prohibit this at over £100 each. Should you wish to go this route please do let us know and we will assist all we can.

they were very good.

Thank you very much indeed for your feedback and 5-Star rating, we look forward to seeing you again on your next visit.

they are always happy to help and friendly.

Great comments, thank you. We always aim to provide a friendly and welcoming service and it is great when people feel this.

We were lead to believe that this was going to be a full service, but actually was just a short service. I am surprised that at just on 3 years and over 20,000 miles I am surprised that a full service has not been required so far.

Thank you very much indeed for all of your great feedback. With regards to your specific query above this is very much down to a number of factors, we can provide you with more information if you need it. You have actually purchased the 5 year Service Inclusive package so all of the vehicles servicing is onviously included in this one off payment.I have shared you other comments with both Sean and my Aftersales Manager, thanks again.

I felt the £38 charged for changing a light bulb was way to much

I am sorry you felt you were charged too much for the light bulb. As a retailer we are limited to what we can do with the cost of the parts. In this instance the actual part itself was £16. In addition on the day we had also topped up your washer fluid free of charge and corrected the tyre pressures on your vehicle.

Sean was a very helpful and diligent assistant.

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will ensure that I make Sean aware. In relation to your question I will ask one of the Aftersales team to give you a call today.

Everyone was fantastic . This is the third vehicle i have bought from Ocean and will continue to return.

Thank you so much for your very kind feedback and more importantly your continued business. As always if we can be of any further assistance or if you have any questions about your new MINI, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The service was very good.

Thank you for your customer and very kind 5-Star rating, we really do appreciate your feedback.

Initially, I was disappointed with the mix up in costings. However the advisor assigned to look after me, dealt with the issue with as little fuss as possible. Throughout the meeting he was efficient and highly customer focused. Great customer servic

Excellent feedback and apologies for the mix up initially, I will pass your great comments on to everyone involved.

took longer than i anticipated , spares needed and kept putting back the date when i needed it .

Thanks for your feedback and sincere apologies that your car was not fixed on the first visit. Having looked at the job it is clear that we were able to carry out the original work that the car was booked in, unfortunately when the additional item was discovered during the initial check the part required was not an off the shelf part, hence requiring then item to come from BMW AG. Sorry if this caused any inconvenience to you.

It was fine.

Thank you. If we can be of any further asistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

They are very helpful.

We really appreciate your kind comments, thank you.

Looked after me well

Thank you for your kind comments and 5-Star rating.

The staff are helpful. Ashley Scott has been kind and helpful.

Thank you for your feedback, I will ensure that you kind comments are passed on to Ashley.

I had to wait a long time to have the wipers replaced, but they did clean the vehicle.

I am sorry to hear that you were kept waiting slightly longer than expected. I have checked through the job and the wiper blades were actually fitted very quickly, it was the delay in getting the car cleaned that slowed things down - better communication needed on our part. We very much appreciate your feedback, thank you.

First class service.

Amazing feedback thank you, this is exactly what we are aiming to provide everytime. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jermaine Crews, Mark Wilkinson and Harriet (product expert) were a credit to the team at Ocean. Fantastic customer service !!!

Thank you very much indeed for your great comments and 5-Star rating. I will ensure your feedback is given directly to all involved. The Product Genius role is something we implemented in 2014 and Harriet is a great addition to the team, helping customers with explanations of the vehicles technology without the jargon.

theey are very good.

Fantastic feedback and 5-Star rating - thank you very much for your business.

I thought the tyre was a bit expensive. My local tyre supplier could have fitted one for £50+ less!Ocean BMW were nice people to deal with though!

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear you had a puncture. We do try to price match in the local area however on certain tyres this is not always possible due to the buying power of some local chains. I am also glad to hear everything went smoothly for you in relation to the recovery process and the communication with ourselves.